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Bhimashankar cliffs in karjat


Water falls on the way to Mahableshwar on Konkan side


Varandha ghat


Amboli ghat


Marleshwar waterfall in Sangameshwar


Backwater in ratnagiri district


Caves in Ladghar


Kashedi ghat


Typical village in Konkan


View from Kashedi ghat


Kumbarli ghat


Jog falls


Paddy fields in konkan


Pune to Shrivardhan bus


Rice fields in chiplun


Marleshwar waterfall


Mumbai-Goa Highway near Kashedi ghat


Mumbai-Goa Highway near Kashedi ghat


A fishing village in konkan

Betul nuts drying on roofs




Doodhsagar waterfall, Goa


Varandha ghat


Varandha ghat



Paddy fields


Road to Konkan from Satara


Bullock cart route



Kumbharli ghat


Yana rocks,Sirsi


Yana rocks,sirsi



Ganpatiphule beach


Ganpatiphule beach


Tamhini ghat


Amboli ghat


10 Beautiful Special FX Films


1. What Dreams May Come (1998)


What if the afterlife was simply the adaptation or inspiration of what you made with your life? What Dreams May Come is the unforgettable meditation of Hamlet about the afterlife and the effects in this powerful film essentially become the story: they are not secondary to it.

In this film, the afterlife for Chris (Robin Williams) is a direct representation of what made him the most happy in life. After gathering the strength and confidence to leave the earth behind, he enters his heaven in the center of one of his wife’s (Annabella Sciorra) paintings. Before that world transforms to a realistic paradise, the audience witnesses an impressionistic version of nature, complete with swirls of paint which follow a bird in flight.

Chris then undergoes a journey to his late wife. This journey first takes him to a heaven inspired by his daughter’s (Jessica Brooks Grant) mobile. Soon after, he proceeds to a hell, inspired by his son’s (Josh Paddock) toys. Each representation of the afterlife is supremely executed, leaving the audience in awe of the film. The final product is the most beautiful special effects ever created in a feature film. Because of the masterful way director Vincent Ward and cinematographer Eduardo Serra crafted their unusual tale around the gorgeous computer-generated scenes, this film grabs our top spot.

2. The Fountain (2006)

Quite possibly the greatest visual effects not created by a computer, The Fountain is the host of astonishing scenes of interstellar nebulae created by a secret blend of ingredients that include oils and cayenne pepper. The futuristic scenes take place on a uniquely designed snow globe-esque living spaceship en route to the Mayan underworld, a dying star. The natural ingredients and technique create a truly chaotic environment which surpasses the capability of computer renditions and elevates this film to the top of our list.

Equally beautiful are the Inquisition age scenes, both in Spain and the Americas. This portion of the film climaxes at the tree of life, also gorgeously produced without the assistance of computer generated imagery. The beautiful effects, combined with the poetic script and perfect score combine to create an artistic masterpiece.

3. MirrorMask (2005)


In MirrorMask, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop brings us a world from the imagination of Neil Gaiman. Making up the majority of the film, this imaginary world’s dark tone at times looks like something that dropped out of a Salvador Dali painting.

In the reality of the film, the visuals are inspired by the imagination of the primary character, who draws herself many of the designs seen before she enters the fantasy world. Her journey through the fantasy is one of self-discovery in which she learns to conquer her selfishness and to love her family, especially her ailing mother.

4. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

One of the most famous films in history, The Wizard of Oz utilized color as part of the story in a novel way: dazzling sets envisioned in technicolor reveal a shining yellow brick road, a munchkin town, and the bold emerald city. These colors stand in sharp contrast with the sepia-toned Kansas, subtly hinting at the colorful fantasy world.

5. The Abyss (1989)

Beginning as a traditional undersea adventure, The Abyss transforms into a beautiful tale of warning to humanity’s self-destruction. As the crew members of an undersea oil rig encounter ‘intelligent’ creatures in the abyss, they face challenges from within their ranks in trying to understand and cope with their shocking discovery.

James Cameron delivers state-of-the-art special effects as always, creating moving bodies of water (see picture above), undersea ‘aliens,’ and a shining suboceanic city.

6. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

The first of three films on this list that feature a young girl who escapes to a fantasy world, Pan’s Labyrinth features the shocking and often violent reality of her tragic childhood. The beautiful special effects create the incredible fantasy world that Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) discovers upon her arrival to Capitán Vidal’s (Sergi López) military stronghold. After reading a fantasy book, the story becomes her reality and she meets a fairy who leads her to the titled faun.

The faun requires her to accomplish several challenges before taking her rightful place as princess of a magical kingdom. On the way, she encounters an ugly giant toad and a beautiful banquet which is guarded by a faceless creature. However, within the story, this fantasy world is overshadowed by Vidal’s brutal repression.

7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon introduced many westerners to the Chinese mythology of martial arts masters with super-human powers. These abilities, especially weightlessness, lead to several visually stunning scenes, in which the actors fly across rooftops and over waterfalls, guiding the audience on a journey through Chinese scenery.

The most memorable and beautiful of these scenes features two of the main characters dueling on the treetops of bamboo. The beauty of the scene is perfectly complemented by the subtle music score which creates a serene experience for the viewer, even during a violent conflict.

8. King Kong (2005)

King Kong is a familiar story delivered by Peter Jackson with fantastic CGI throughout. As soon as the explorers reach the steep cliffs of ‘Skull Island,’ the viewer knows he’s in for a visual treat. A lush jungle island with dinosaurs, giant insects, and man-eating slugs are all fabricated to create the beautiful and deadly island.

The greatest visual highlights all feature Kong. In particular, two stunning sunsets that he shares with Naomi Watts as well as a delightful snowy moment on a frozen New York City lake show Kong’s true nature as a kind (albeit giant) primate who belongs in nature.

9. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Perhaps the story of a liar might be the best story of all. Terry Gilliam makes his required appearance on this list, one that may eventually be overshadowed by the upcoming Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. This story takes the viewer on an incomprehensible journey, which includes visits into the stomach of a whale, on the moon with Robin Williams’s floating head, and into the depths of a volcano. The film is as beautiful as it is odd.

10. Legend (1985)

Ridley Scott ventures into the fantasy genre after establishing himself as a premier sci-fi director to much acclaim. His skill in directing special effects developed in Alien and Blade Runner transforms into a delicate practice of beauty in his 1985 morality tale Legend. The glitter-filled world is a triumph of the time and sets the mood for the film in impressive form.

The carefree fantasy world turns into a virtual hell when the action shifts to the layer of Darkness and his minions. Mia Sara (Does she count as a beautiful special effect?) watches in horror as her ‘wedding dress’ dances in these halls until the dark lord makes his striking entrance through a mirror to confront the captured beauty.

Since the medium of film was invented, special effects have been used to create the impossible: these ever-evolving techniques make movie-watching the greatest form of entertainment. Sometimes these effects are so beautiful that the viewer forgets that he is watching a film and instead thinks he is looking at a painting or seeing poetry in motion. This list is an attempt to compile the films which contain the greatest and most beautiful scenes ever created using special effects.

(note: No completely animated films were considered for these rankings.)