AUG25 (All United In God)



With the grace of God, AUG25 (All United In God) has everything in them to produce
any kind of music ranging from Pop, Country, Jazz,World Music, R&B, Hip Hop,
Alternate Rock to Heavy Metal, with the perfection of what it demands. The uniqueness
of SHIJIN, SUSHIN, NIRAN & VARUN is that , Its these guys from India with so much
passion of making western music from India go international. They compose, arrange,
program, sing and make us feel better, relaxed and happy giving us every time
a new reason to live. If you are a person who loves music, come and listen to us we have everything for you which makes us all the more special. With this passion and dream of taking Indian music have its own space in international arena

band members


“Music is a medicine that transcends all miseries, sorrows and indifferences in this world, making it a beautiful place to live in“

He’s someone who’s been passionate for music from the time he couldn’t even spell his name. And that propelled him graduate in Sound Engineering. His addiction to western classical was completely inspired from Beethoven, and that took him towards pop music which slowly drove him through all his genres and music became a mantra that can be replaced for blood in him. His family is his tower of support. Father had been a Church Choir conductor and his passion for music has always amazed him.

Under the protective arms of almighty it was on August 25th that he met Niran which led to the formation and naming of the band as AUG25, which also means (All United In God). And he’s quiet sure that with everyone’s support and for a good cause it's going to be bigger and better every time.


He's the youngest in the band, knows music before he knew himself. At the age of 3 started playing keys with “Love in blue “. In his transformation of being an artist he learned the basic lessons from his father and played for a band at the age of 8 and thereon went places with many more performance to his kitty. His backbone and inspiration was always his father. And here in AUG25 as the Synth player with an urge of performing in front of a million fans on his own composition, he awaits you !!


If fingers on fret and pick on strings can do miracles, then Its him for you !!
Having a heart with passion that bleeds, he says Life’s too much of a roller coaster ride. But as he look back it wasn’t that bad too.
Not different from others his inspiration and hero is his father who took him to the world of music. And with great devotion towards John Petrucci and Steve Vai he started experimenting on his own. With lot of gratitude and love for everyone holding and helping him reach where he is striving for, he thanks the Almighty for making everything next to Impossible Possible.


The best way to describe this guy is a “Self Trained Musician”. Father and brother being singers, he always wanted to sing the way they do, but sheer lack of inspiration left him behind. His will was to become a musician. And with the support of his family and holding on to his desires he explored his potential by believing in him and trained himself to get into the perfection he is. Soon after making his friends and family accept and realize he has it in him, he met Shijin and both of them having the common thoughts, dreams and desires went on to create their own compositions and thus he became a vital part of AUG25.


Now, Its time to know about me !!

Not different from others, I had the genres of music in me from childhood well supported by my family, and my family always stood ahead of me when it comes to music. Though I became a professional in work life, I felt incomplete and kept searching for something what my heart always desired to. I believe that God has created all of us with a purpose, and I’m here as his servant and tool to contribute something valuable and to make every creation of God think in him about the purpose for which he has sent us to the world. But as I’m from a family that had music in it always, I wanted to blend music with my intend of taking it to the world as music is the only common language known across the oceans .

After realizing the purpose for which I was sent ,I’m here to make each of you think and act upon the events surrounding us from all walks of life and to every corner of the world . Thus Lord Almighty made me meet Shijin who wanted me to take charge of AUG25 , where I found four highly talented young guys all set to begin.

And here I’m along with them to reach out to the world making you realize, why have we been chosen to be one of God’s creation and also to entertain all that he has created reaching out to all emotions of mankind through music;
We, AUG25 begin our journey!!!
God Bless You All,
Boney Geo
Band Manager