The Next Generationof Gesture Control

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.20.11 AM
Thalmic Labs is developing a wearable gesture control technology, called MYO, that’s bringing us one step closer to joining the The Marvel Universe. No radiation, genetic mutation, or divine powers required, just batteries.
MYO is an armband that uses advanced sensors to translate your muscles’ motions and movements into wireless interactions with technology. This allows you to seamlessly control the digital world in a way that would make Luke Skywalker proud. Wirelessly manipulate your computer, play video games, play back video, even move vehicles all by snapping your fingers or waving your hand.
Thalmic Labs has even openly invited developers to build upon the platform, to make it even cooler than it is now:
“Developers, we get it. You can think of ways to use MYO that we haven’t even dreamt of. That’s why our API lets you utilize MYO’s sophisticated hardware to experiment, build and profit from amazing applications of MYO technology.”
This idea of endless possibilities is a core philosophy and is why we too opened our network to developers.

Pre-order your MYO now, and be the first of your friends to dive into the wireless magic of the future.