Save our Tigers


Introduction to Tigers

There are currently 6 subspecies of tigers. They are Siberian or Amur tiger, Bengal or Indian tiger, Indochinese tiger, Malayan tiger, South China tiger and the Sumatran tiger.
Subspecies which have already faced extinction include the Bali, Javan and Caspian tigers.
We once had so many tigers that the population of Sumatran tigers was estimated at 1000. But today, the statistics for the tigers have plummeted so much (lesser than 400).

They live from swamps to mountains.

There is a problem. Tigers are being poached. Why?
A tiger's canine teeth are used to make ornamental jewellery.
Claws are most often inlayed in gold to make pendants for necklaces.
Whiskers are believed to have magical powers to protect those who possess them from malicious curses.
The tails are believed to protect the owner from curses.
The skin is believed to contain magical powers. Paw soles are used to rituals. The forehead is believed to bring good luck to the owner.
Eyebrows are believed to protect owner and provide them with more strength.
Penis is aphrodisiacal.
Tigers’ galls are used to cure bone diseases.
Flesh is cooked and eaten.
Tiger fats are kept in a bottle by farmers to prevent their farms from damages caused by wild pigs.
Milk is used as medicinal remedies.
Tiger dung is used by shaman to remove spells and farmers plantation workers to keep wild pigs away.
Bones are grounded into powder and taken with a glass of warm water to cure rheumatism and headaches. The bone in the right front paw is drunk with warm water to treat headaches and is believed to possess the power to drive bad spirits away.

How are they poached?
Using snares, guns, poison, pit traps and box traps.

Tigers - It really is your choice

Take a minute and look at the images below..

Do these imperial creatures soothe your sight? If yes, act like they do.
Or, would you like to see more of these? (below)
It's really up to you. Do something.

Save our tigers. Report wildlife crime. Call 019 356 4194
For more information, you can visit these websites;,,,

Hunted Tigers in India

"There doesn't seem to be much space in modern India for tigers," says longtime conservationist Belinda Wright. Widely hunted for their skin, which is made into decorative clothing, and other body parts that are used in folk medicine and magical rituals, tigers are becoming critically endangered.

Here's a video on Hunted Tigers in India.


If you're just nodding your head after all, convincing yourself that tigers are not important because they eat humans anyway. That’s simply because you stripped them off their habitats and prey and their natural environment. Wont you be a horrible horrible person if someone was to take away your place of shelter and all that’s essential for you to sustain life?

That’s what happens when you clear forests for plantation and development purposes. You eliminate their shelter from them. Then their source of food. And this is exactly why they feed on humans; having no choice left, they feed on alternatives

Tiger Cub

I'm sorry this came in last. As pledged for, this one's for 20/4/2010.
Here's a video from Youtube, courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington.
Watch and admire the innocence and adorability of the cub. Then ponder over and think. Do you want more videos like this one? Do you want to ever see creatures like this again? Do you want this creature to continue its existence? Do you want to witness the increase in the population of this species in time to come? Just think. You have the answers.

And if you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions above, you know what to do.